Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Wonderful colours of the different side dishes in Korean Cuisine. Clockwise from left: Shitake Mushrooms, Sweet potato balls, Seaweed with cucumber, Long beans with carrots, Kimchi, something I suspect made with beans - our favorite of the lot.

JerL: When I read this post, I messaged Slushy over "Hello" that it should be long beans with sausages, not carrots. Then we zoomed in to look at the dish to discover that there was both! But Slushy ate the carrots but not the sausages. I ate the sausages but missed the carrots! This is so funny! lolx.

My personal favorite is the Sweet Potato Balls, which I think it was the sweet sauce that attracted my sweet tooth. The Seaweed with Cucumber dish - I like the seaweed but not the cucumber, but Slushy likes the cucumbers but not the seaweed! She found the seaweed too fishy. But I like the taste of the sea.

Both of us hated the Shitake Mushroom dish which was very tasteless. This is rather strange as both of us are mushroom lovers.

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