Thursday, August 24, 2006

Curries!!! Any takers?

Went with Slushy all over Orchard Road in search of good food and we finally ended up at this Korean restaurant at Heeren. After eating our fill, we were not satisfied with the food at all and told ourselves that we were not going back there again. What a let down for the amount of money we paid.

Guess good food doesn't exist at Orchard Road. Need to scout around for good food places and note them down. Was watching this TV program called Glamourlicious or something where 4 DJs went around Singapore to introduce the best curries found. Managed to note down these 2 and we shall go and explore some day?

Authentic Thai dishes - by P&P Thai Food
Block 638 Veerasamy Road #01-101
Opens: 11.30am to 10pm; closed on Sundays
This stall holder is a Thai lady and she serves yummilicious Thai green curry, red curry, white curry. And this dish called Prawn in dried red curry sauce... looks really appealing. Indeed home-cook Thai food.

Japanese Curry - by Curry Favor
39 Stamford Road #01-09 Stamford House
This restaurant serves more than 200 kinds of Japanese curry dishes! Wow.. I'm impressed. Japanese curry, unlike other curries, does not have coconut milk added. Thus, the Japanese curry tastes more sweet and smooth. It is a different experience.

I'm looking forward to going down to savour the curries! Any takers?

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bam said...

Hi Jerl, I think we need to list down the nice places to eat in town, so that when we go, we need not spend so much time deciding.

I seriously did not know there is jap curry. I am keen on thai food and am still trying to find a nice korean food place.

But actually am trying to spend less money on food and trim down! :)