Wednesday, December 21, 2005

10 Good Party Ethics

1. Thou shalt eat all the food that thou have touched with bare hands.
2. Thou shalt not be anti-social or aloof.
3. Thou shalt not be rude to thy host and hostess.
4. Thou shalt be sporting.
5. Thou shalt not hide from the camera.
6. Thou shalt not socialise only with the men. It just exposes bitchiness.
7. Thou shalt bring a gift for the host and hostess. It is a party, not a charity dinner.
8. Thou shalt not pile up food on plate sky high. It is a party, not a buffet.
9. Thou shalt not play computer games or X-box in a party. These are personal games, not party games.
10. Thou shalt not complain that party is boring. Thou shalt put in effort to entertain others and in turn, they will entertain you.

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