Saturday, April 01, 2006

indonesian cuisine

The Famous Sambal Kangkong Posted by Picasa

Where: Indonesian Restaurant at East Coast Park (So lousy I didn't bother remembering the name)
Verdict: 5/10
Comments: The Sambal Kangkong is the only dish that tastes ok, but a little too spicy for me. By the way, I can take quite spicy food, so it is really way too spicy. Generally, all of us didn't feel that the food was worth the amount of money we paid for the meal.


slushy said...

Hi, u should say where and when you ate this then people know where to go and u didn't add your review. LOL.


JerL said...

haha... will add that in! ;p

slushy said...

when I was into gardening, I did some research into kangkong cos I really love chill sambal kk. Found out that kk is a much hated weed in some parts that choke up waterways, etc. :P

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