Thursday, December 01, 2005

aglio olio con funghi

a very cheap meal to publish.
take your average pasta (in this case supermarket-housebrand), boil till 85% cooked. heat your pan with olive oil till garlic's sizzling brown, throw in sliced canned button mushrooms, throw in the 85% cooked pasta, throw in spring onion for colour and stir and incorporate for minutess till garlic bits get into the grooves of each pasta piece.
no meat but satisfying enough. i like buying garlic that's pre-chopped for you. it's hassle and guilt-free cooking!


slushy said...

Yah, not a fan of chopping garlic! But did so tonnes once when I was making this garlic prawn pasta. Was trying to replicate the one I ate at some cafe.

jeanette said...

garlic prawn sounds fantastic!
how many cloves did you carrrve out?!

BAM said...

Think maybe 20+!

jeanette said...

yikes!! massive man, must have tasted really solid!